Home Hair Drug Test


Home Hair Drug Test

Though market is full of products for hair drug testing but be sure that no product could compete our home hair drug test kit up till now. Home Hair Drug Test kit produces exact results in 24 to 48 hours in the privacy of your home environment .By using our Home Hair Drug Testing Kit, one is more than satisfied and confident to pass drug test as this product is most efficient and energetically detects even the traces of metabolites of the used drugs from inside the hairs. This medication test pack utilizes a straightforward, in-home hair test sample  .Utilizing a little specimen of hair styling at the scalp, hair analysis evaluates that Hair testing  by using this product is the most exact and viable strategy for discovering clients ,the amount of drug metabolites embedded inside the hair shaft.



Hair Confirm Home Hair Drug Test Kit – Screening Illicit Drugs

A standout amongst the best methods for recognizing  the traces of drugs is by trying the hair follicles for testing the drugs.It is a most favored strategy utilized by associations and authorities.In the event that you have to test your adolescent or a friend or family member or a worker for the illicit use of drugs, you can utilize our Hair Confirm Home Hair Drug TestKit in the private environment at your own home, as it is a basic and successful pack for tracing the presence of drugs, offering a quick and exact arrangement.

Assuring Anonymity

 Hair Confirm test pack accompanies directions for use which are not difficult to follow and has a collection unit, with the results being accessible within 48 hours of its use.The item accompanies your special example personality number and you can be guaranteed of complete obscurity with a pass code to get to the results.The unit tests for a few illegal medications, for example, Marijuana, cocaine, meth, euphoria, PCP and Opiates among others. Simply utilizing a little bunch of hair that is trimmed at the scalp aides assess the drugs metabolites that have been implanted in the hair shaft.You should then send the specimen to our lab for examination. It is screened and examined and positive results are affirmed with the GC/MS technology, all results being investigated by a team of expert Medical Officers.

Benefits of Hair Confirm

  • Accumulation of hair sample is quite simple.
  • The method could be possible in a totally private and classified way.
  • Points of interest drugs are discovered to be recorded in the event of positive results
  • The results are quick and precise.
  • The method has been discovered to be cheat proof.
  • The results can be gotten online in a fool proof and secure way.
  • The research facility is a licensed one by CLIA.
  • You can get the results inside a short compass of time, between 24 to 48 hours.

A GC/MS (Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) affirmation is carried out, where the affirmation test looks at the levels of the mixes or chemicals that are typically display in your hair, in situations where the test turns out positive.

Guidelines for use

Trim a long and slight hair strip (around 90 strands) as near to your scalp as could reasonably be expected from any piece of the head.

Place the roots at the accumulation foil edge and crease up the end of the tab over the root ends
Fold the foil lengthwise and put in the specimen collection kit.

Post the sample after properly signing and labeling the specimen.

Register yourself in the website to look at the result with your personal sample identification number.

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