Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit

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The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit is now available in both 2oz & 4oz packaging! Synthetic Urine Kit is premixed laboratory urine intended to ensure your protection amid a urinary drug test.

The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit can be utilized by both males or females to pass urine drug tests as it is a unisex product.

Passing a urinalysis is guaranteed as the synthetic urine contains all the ingredients all the fixings typically found in pee and it is adjusted for specific gravity, creatinine, PH level, and a few other urine characteristics.

The four ounce and two ounce sample accompanies a connected temperature strip and heating pad to ensure that the samples are generally at body temperature. This amazing product is ideal and perfect for anybody who have to submit different urine samples to the lab for testing.

Grab this product now and pass your urinary drug test easily.

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Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit

would be a faultless methodology to pass an astounding, spontaneous pee test. This Synthetic pee is simply the careful substitution of the first human pee having same manufactured properties as trademark human pee. Our fake pee is nonexclusive brand.

It is a premixed exploration office pee expected to secure your well-being in the midst of a urinary solution test.

Ultra Pure™ Synthetic Urine has been arranged by experts after a long research; the pee is delivered as non-poisonous, clean and adjusted for PH, particular gravity, creatinine, and a few other pee qualities.

It serves to breeze through any pee spot test without a doubt. Our item has given positive results at whatever point it is used in any research center and has given 100% customer fulfillment.

Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit is an unisex item so a male or female can utilize it and finish pee medication test effortlessly. It is not an unsafe item so it can be taken care of securely without bringing about any irresistible sickness.

Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit is real to the point that no lab can figure it to be an engineered or fake item. Our thing is accessible in both 2oz and 4oz flasks having the same item inside.

As opposed to creating the pee in human body, Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit has figured out how to deliver the pee in an exploration focus environment. Giving phenomenal results to drug pee tests, Ultra Pure™ would be immaculate choice for anyone striving for pee prescription test.

Amazing Features of Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

  • Our manufactured pee is especially expected to guarantee your insurance.
  • Unisex Synthetic Urine with a 2-year time span of reasonable ease of use, no refrigeration is key.
  • Simple to use guidelines included with each produced pee pack.
  • Superbly Balanced particular gravity, creatine and ph levels.
  • We have a totally astounding 100% achievement rate, You’ll be never disillusioned!
  • Snatch our Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine with 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Instructions to use the product :

Heat Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine development and basically place substance into example glass. The fabricated pee temperature must be 94°-100°f.

The compartment can be microwaved up to 10 seconds for beginning high temperature. If the temperature stays out of degree after first warming, repeat system (read the blue spot on temperature strip). If the holder is out of temperature range after two heatings, cool down (over warmed) and retry.

Using the encased hotter pad alone will require generally an hour to hotness to 90°-100°f (see encased radiator pad for warming rules). Annex hotter pad with tape or flexible band to the compartment, opposite the temperature strip. The radiator pad will last up to six hours.

Coloration may change from gathering to bunch. Shake the bottle before use, then sometime later warming. It’s an amazing product. Grab it today!

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